The 21st Century is the era of service, BSI is positioned to offer any production complete technical services for all your broadcasting needs.

Whether it's a live or recorded production,
Broadcast Services International specializes in organizing and supplying broadcasting equipment and personnel, which has resulted in being honored with 12 Emmy Awards!
Welcome to a New Level of Service.
Broadcast Services International Inc.
  • Experienced Crews and HR needs
  • Television Mobiles and Air Packs
  • Commentary Systems for International Events
  • Comprehensive Technical Planning and Consultation.
Key Performance Measurements
Broadcast Services International  has over 30 years experience with Live Production worldwide with various clients and television networks alike. 
Host Broadcaster
Over 16 Olympics Games
12 Emmy awards for live broadcasts
Commentary Systems
Broadcast Mobile equipment rentals
Broadcast Services International
is truly a unique presence in this industry representing the first independent company in Canada to offer complete live broadcast facilities. For the first time events and producers can independently create and produce broadcasts or recorded shows without having to use or work through television network facilities.

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Internationally recognized
Consistent on-budget performance
Professional Cable installations
Respected and trusted in the television industry

BSI specializes in live sports broadcast production worldwide

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BSI has a complete HD AIR PACK featuring state of the art broadcast equipment.

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BSI has a well rounded inventory to complete your equipment compliment needs.

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